The Team


We're a group of five friends who initially wanted to help each other out in getting more active. Some of us are trained athletes and fitness professionals, others are just enthusiasts and beginners, but our different backgrounds offer various points of view to all kinds of readers who just want to get fit.



Dana works in investments and crunches numbers on excel. She's a little sassy, a little crazy, and always on the go. When not working or working out, you'll find her in a coffee shop working on some side hustle, or walking around BGC talking pictures of her dogs.


ria zapanta

Ria juggles postgraduate studies, fitness time and life. Her workout rate took a nosedive since re-entering student life. But she finds time still do yoga and bugs her friends to join her. She also likes waking up early to whip herself up some colorful breakfast food - and there's an 80% chance it's avocado toast with eggs!


mariel aquino

Mariel works in recruitment. She likes food as much as she likes to move. If she's not working out, working, or bonding with the fam, you can find her in some coffee shop catching up with some friends or reading a book, or on some spontaneous road trip.


Gerry Del Rosario

Gerry works as a martial arts and fitness coach. He loves teaching and fitness very much. If you don't find him in the gym as a coach or working out by himself or with others, you can probably find him in malls as a brand ambassador of a telecom company or hanging out with his family and friends. If not those, he's probably at home or somewhere chill reading stuff and listening to music.


Kath Khoo

Kath works in the social innovation space. While she's admittedly never one to have prioritised fitness in her life, she's taking baby steps in getting more active all because of this site! If she's not at home doting on her dog, she's most likely catching the latest movie out in theatres or hustling her way through projects in a random cafe or coworking space in the metro.