Barre classes are a combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet barre exercises. The description can be a bit deceiving -- it’s a low-impact workout, yes, but if done in good form, it will work your muscles to death. On their website, Barre3 lists three types of classes - Open Level, Foundations, and Advanced - but we’ve only ever encountered the Open Level classes. The routine differs per instructor, and variations for beginners and intermediate practitioners are always given. Props used include light weights, small stability ball, and resistance band. 

Barre3 studios are located inside The Spa branches in Shangri-la (6F East Wing), Bonifacio High Street, Greenhills (Promenade), Trinoma (3F Wellness Zone), and Eastwood (2F Richmonde Hotel). We go to the branch in Shangri-la.

Lockers, shower areas, and water (glasses also provided). You can come to class barefoot but it’s recommended that you wear non-slip socks.

First timer’s package costs P1,500 for 3 sessions, while a single class is worth P700. Regular packages cost P5,500 for 10 classes and P15,000 for 30 classes. Monthly unlimited classes cost P5,500 for one month, P14,000 for three months, P30,000 for six months, and P50,000 for one year. Three-month, six-month, and one year packages come with other perks from The Spa.



The first time I did a Barre3 class, it hurt to walk and laugh for the next three days. But I keep coming back when I can anyway! I find that classes here are typically slower paced than in Plana Forma, but they’re challenging in a different way as the shapes are usually held for much longer, so you'll really nail the form if you come regularly. Great for those looking to improve their alignment and posture, and a good complement to your yoga practice.


Never underestimate the intensity of barre! The repeated small movements may look easy, but it’s really tough to sustain and hold. I remember not lasting through the drills in my first couple of classes as I would quickly feel the burn. Despite everything, it’s amazing how tiny movements can make for a quick yet effective workout for toning the body. This is great for on-the-go people whose goal is toning without having to sweat so much. You can skip the showers, head to dinner after and still look like a decent human being. 


Barre3 was definitely a surprise for me and now a favorite. It’s mostly stationary work but will work every bit of you. Every time I come from Barre3, my legs would wobble and forget about laughing or coughing too. Their studio makes you feel like a ballerina! The room is surrounded by mirrors with bars attached to the wall/mirror. I usually go after office hours since they operate according to mall hours. I love taking Irish’s class. They don’t have a permanent schedule per studio, but if you get her, she will introduce muscle groups in your legs and seat area you never knew were there. 

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