Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a series of 26 poses done in a span of 90 minutes in a heated room (around 36-40°C), a system which was developed by Bikram Choudhury. The classes are taught by Bikram-certified teachers. Because it’s a fixed sequence, regular practice also allows you more clearly observe your progress. The studio also offers a few Yin and Vinyasa Yoga classes aside from its standard Bikram.

The Makati branch is in 88 Corporate Center (15F) along Valero. The Quezon City branch is in QCB Center (5F) along Tomas Morato.

We suggest you bring your own mats and yoga towels, but these are available for rent at the studio as well. The studio is equipped with lockers (bring your own locks) and shower rooms, too.

The trial for first timers costs P1,000 for one week of unlimited yoga. The regular rates are P700 per session and P1,900 for one week unlimited. Packages are valid in the branch in which they were purchased, and practicing in other branches will require a small additional fee per class.



Their signature class is obviously their Bikram Yoga. Unlike other studios that do their own spin of the famous hot class (i.e. shorter sequence in Life), the bikram yoga class here leans toward the traditional kind. In the classes I’ve been, there’s hardly any ‘inspirational’ message at the start; you dive right in on the sequence. I prefer going here in the morning than the evening since it’s terribly traffic and it’s hard to find parking during the rush hour (might be convenient if you work in Makati CBD). If you don’t have yoga mat and mat towel, you can rent then at the front desk at a cost. Make sure to wear breathable clothing as it gets hot!  


I think whether or not Bikram is something you would appreciate is down to personal preference. I’m not a fan just because I can’t stand the heat, and because the compression poses are insanely difficult for me, but I think it’s still a very good workout that will no doubt make you stronger (and more flexible) with consistent practice. It’s just really not for me! I do know others though who swear by the practice. I think it’s good to try it out anyway and see how the practice works for you.

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