Central Ground Crossfit

For those working in BGC close to or around the High Street area, CGCF is a conveniently located box with clean facilities that you can consider visiting. As with other crossfit boxes, classes are high intensity and make use variations of functional movements, and combines elements of different training programs such as gymnastics and weightlifting. This box offers the usual Workout of the Day (WOD) which you can also check on their website if you’re curious, and also Sweathouse which uses less equipment and utilizes more bodyweight exercises. An Intro to Sweathouse class is also offered for first timers and for those still easing into the workout.

The gym is located on the ground floor of One Parkade, and it shares a space with Evolve Yoga. The area is on the side of high street that’s close to Terra 28th park.

There’s a shower room and lockers are available for use (bring an ID that you can leave with the front desk). Come in comfortable workout gear and bring a water bottle. There’s a drinks station inside where you can also purchase shakes and other drinks.

Please get in touch with CGCF for their rates. If you’ve never tried crossfit before, you can book a free intro class through their website.



It was so much fun working out here! It’s a bit hard to move when the place is packed, but I guess you can make do with the space. I personally also find this to be one of the cleanest and most well-lit boxes. The coach won’t make you progress if you’re not ready, so best to stick with what you’re advised to do to avoid injury, especially when working with the weights. Everyone here is extremely friendly -- you can walk in without knowing anyone at all, and leave with a slew of new friends. Note that the showers can get packed though depending on what time the class is because they share a space with Evolve.

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