Electric Studio

Electric Studio was the first indoor cycling house to open its doors in Manila. Their standard class is 45 minutes long, and is composed of sprints, choreography on the bike, and a weights section for toning your core and arms. Jumpstart is their basics class, which focuses on form and breaks down most of the movements, and also lasts 45 minutes. For the brave, Power Hour is a 60 minute ride. For the crazy, Electric Endurance is 90 minutes long.

The first branch is in 8 Forbestown (2F) in BGC, close to the Burgos Circle area. The studio is on the same floor as Flyweight. Their second branch is in Two Central (GF) in Salcedo, Makati, which is walkable for those coming from Salcedo, and even those from Legazpi and Urdaneta (parking can be a challenge!). If commuting, you can get off at the Paseo bus stop. They recently opened a third branch in Podium in Ortigas.

Cleated shoes are provided, as are face and bath towels, but feel free to bring your own. There are shower rooms with toiletries, and number-coded lockers for your bags. Just make sure you don’t forget your socks!

The first timer’s package costs P1,500 for five classes. Regular rates are P1,000 for one class, P4,750 for five classes, P8,500 for 10 classes, and P16,000 for 20 classes.



 It’s hard not to get addicted with indoor spinning after riding at Electric Studio. The teachers showcase the coolest beats that make cycling fun and party-like. I even developed a habit of imagining bike drills whenever I would hear upbeat songs in the mall! It helps that the teachers would infuse motivational lines, which could be applicable to life too, to make that extra pedal count. It’s perfect for those who want a quick calorie-burn and are pumped up by great music. Note though that it is intense. For first timers, don’t be daunted by the other more experienced riders and go at a pace and resistance you’re comfortable with. It took me some getting used to to last through the entire choreography without the urge to stop. As Teacher Ilan said, the magic happens on your 4th or 5th ride!  


Working in Makati CBD, I find Electric Studio’s location extremely convenient, which makes it easy to sneak in a workout before work or even during lunch breaks. There’s never a dull week because they’ve always got themed rides lined up. They’ve got some events that you might want to watch out for, like their Electric Music Festival, and the rooftop rides they had a few months back. But be prepared, booking classes can be like the hunger games! Get on your screens at 12nn sharp every Monday to make sure you get slots in the classes you’re eyeing.

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