Pretty much the household name in Manila when it comes to boxing and muay thai -- you can never go wrong with Elorde when you want to work on your boxing technique, or simply just get a good workout. Elorde has branches scattered all over the Metro, and they offer Boxing, Muay Thai, and conditioning classes. Sessions can be either one-on-one or with a small group, depending on the time you come and your arrangement with the trainers. The gym takes its name from the late Filipino champion boxer Gabriel Elorde, also known as the “Flash”.

Difficult to list all the branches because there are so many! The website (link below) has most of these branches. Try asking around your area, chances are you’ll find one branch close to you.

Come in comfortable workout clothes and bring your own wraps and boxing gloves! Also make sure you stay hydrated throughout the class.

Elorde usually charges a membership fee, and one session costs P250-300. Best inquire with the branch you’re interested in training with for the rates and full list of packages available.



Because sessions are usually one-on-one, even just one hour of training seems so dreadfully long at Elorde (and I mean that in a good way). It’s great working with just one or two coaches over time because they’re able to monitor your progress, and up the game whenever they feel you’re ready. I like to switch between boxing and muay thai sessions, though between the two, I prefer the latter. Depending on which branch you go to though, it can really look (and smell) like a sweatfest. The one I go to is small but clean and is a one minute walk from my place!


Elorde started my boxing experience. I love each session as it is a one-on-one with a trainer. They will tailor fit the session with your level of advancement in boxing. It will be a mix of mitts exercises, speedball, and bag work. After which, you will go through circuit training and a cool down. It’s a full body workout that will really get you familiarized with boxing fundamentals. Must try!


I've been to the Ortigas branch several times. If there's a word to describe Elorde, it would have to be 'raw'. It certainly isn't the prettiest studio and it doesn't aim to be so. You've got legit boxers, who compete, as trainers. It shows you the patience, discipline and focus required of the boxing profession. Kudos to them, really! There's something quite monotonous with punching the same bag for a set time. But it's in being bigger than this monotony do we get stronger. If you get frustrated not getting the drills right, be kind to yourself. It really takes time!

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