The techniques from boxing, mixed in with the intensity of a circuit, and the energy of a spin class -- that’s how we’d describe a session at Flyweight! It’s the first group boxing studio in Manila, with classes centered on heavy bag training. Contender is their most basic class, which is most suitable for those with minimal or no boxing experience. Challenger is also a 45-minute class but incorporates more challenging off-the-bag exercises and more complicated combos. Lastly, Champion is a 60-minute class filled with continuous high-intensity workouts and even longer combos. Flyweight also offers 60-minute conditioning classes to help develop speed, strength, and endurance.

Flyweight is located on the second floor of 8 Forbestown near Burgos Circle, BGC. They’re on the same floor as Electric Studio. You won’t miss it -- it’s the first thing you’ll see coming up the escalator.

The studio provides hand wraps and gloves, but feel free to bring your own. There are also face towels and bath towels available to use, and the showers are also packed with toiletries. Just come in comfortable clothes and training shoes.

The first timer’s package costs P1,500 for five classes. The drop-in rate is P1,000 per class, while regular packages cost P5,500 for six classes, P8,550 for 10 classes, and P14,900 for 20 classes.



Always love the energy at Flyweight! The workout is very personal in the sense that you get what you make of it -- if you cheat just because the instructor isn’t looking, then you don’t get anything out of it. I personally enjoy the classes that are more technique-based (shoutout to Vince and Arjo!), but also love hitting the bags with the rest of the crew because everyone has such different styles, especially for the off-the-bag worksets. Flyweight doesn’t require previous boxing experience, but I would recommend that you supplement your training here with sessions with a boxing trainer (at Elorde or other gyms), just to make sure you’ve really nailed the form.


Flyweight is always an energizing workout for me! It focuses more on technique and bag exercises. I’d suggest this studio for those who have previous experience with boxing as the workout is intensely personal. Since it is a group class, the instructor may not be able to watch you during the workout so if you cheat, you’re cheating your own workout. I personally enjoy Arjo’s and Lala’s class! Each class and trainer has their specific technique but nonetheless you will enjoy this! Expect this to be a full body workout.

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