Kinetics Advance Physiotherapy

Kinetics is a small facility in Taguig which offers physical therapy, rehabilitation, and personal training sessions. All of their trainers are licensed physical therapists, so you can be sure you’re in good hands. The gym is small and can only accomodate a few clients at a time, but that also ensures that you get the full attention of the trainers, and they’re actually able to make do with the minimal equipment that they have. Most people come here to use the Alter-G antigravity treadmill, which is able to reduce your bodyweight by as much as 80%. This is a great option for those working to improve their cardio or stamina but have problems with their knees or legs.

The gym is located in 20th Drive Corporate Center in BGC, which is close to Essensa and the American Cemetery.

There’s a water dispenser where you can refill your bottles, but they don’t have a shower, and the toilet is shared with the rest of the floor.

Please get in touch with Kinetics for their rates and packages.



Your first session at Kinetics will be a pretty thorough assessment of your current fitness level, the results of which will determine the way succeeding sessions will be tailored. It’s great because the trainers here don’t necessarily try to get you to do too much, but will focus more on getting you to work the right muscles and do all the exercises in proper form. Assessments will be conducted every so often so you can monitor how much progress you’ve made.


Kinetics is such a personal workout. Your very first session would measure your athleticism and physical level and parter the results with your health goals. The workout you will get depends on the results of those tests so each workout is tailermade for you! The trainers are professional so you will be in good hands! The place may not be as big as I imagined but they time the workouts just fine so the place is not so crowded and you will love the energy of the trainers!


What sets Kinetics apart is how it incorporates a personalized approach. At least in the times I've been there, it's always a one-to-one matching with the trainer. And it's the kind of trainer who doesn't leave you after letting you know the drills, he actually looks at you and even corrects your form if need be. Their cute space boasts of this cool anti-gravity running machine also. I'm sad I didn't get to try it!


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