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Options Studio has a wide range of programs you can choose from, suited to both regular practitioners who are looking to get stronger and for those who are recovering from injuries or are looking to treat certain conditions. Their regular programs include reformer, core suspension, and mat pilates (no machines) classes. Meanwhile, their special programs include the Pink Ribbon Program which is designed for breast cancer rehabilitation, pre-natal and post-natal pilates, athletic conditioning and post-rehab pilates, and Osteo & Scolio pilates.

Options has a good number of branches across Metro Manila, with one more coming soon. You can find one in Makati (Nobel Plaza, Salcedo), Ortigas (4F Podium), BGC (NAC Tower), Greenhills (3F 101 Connecticut), Quezon City (6F GEMPC, Timog), and Alabang (Bellevue).

Come in socks for your sessions -- regular socks are okay but non-stick socks are preferred. Bring your own water bottles as well, and they have dispensers where you can refill these.

The prices vary based on what type of set-up you’d like. For the mat sessions which don’t make use of reformers and other equipment (group classes), it’s P600 for one session and P5,500 for 10 sessions. For the group classes which make use of equipment such as reformers and suspension cords, it’s P750 for one session and P7,000 for 10 sessions. Meanwhile, private sessions range from P1,100 to P1,700 per session.



I’ve tried the Kick Start classes in Options Makati, which are part of the foundation classes offered in fitness booking apps. It was cool to learn the history of pilates reformer, making you appreciate the machine even more. It started in the hospital during World War I as an experiment of the springs of the hospital bed so patients could work up their muscles while bed-bound. It made me think of how helpful it must be to have all our hospital beds have this functionality. But I digress. It’s relatively less strenuous than other exercises but it definitely targets the needed muscles right. Overall, efficiency comes to mind when I think of Pilates. The machine helps deliver maximum results for the least “non-sweaty” effort.


Options studio is the very first pilates class I’ve taken. I went to their studio in BGC and attended their core reform class. It was also the first time I used the pilates reformer and Eduard, the instructor, walked me through the hows and whats of the machine. The class was very low impact but very targeted. I wasn’t catching my breath or anything but I did sweat. The exercises were isolated and definitely worked my core. The staff is very accommodating and their studio is well equipped.


I think pilates as a workout is pretty underrated, and if you’re used to more dynamic workouts, it honestly might take a while before you begin to appreciate it. Options is a small studio which keeps the group classes to a maximum of three, so you can be sure that you’ll get enough attention even if you don’t go for a private class (for the one in Makati, at least). What I would recommend though is that you be very vocal with your teacher prior to and during the class about your fitness level -- if you’re new to fitness and something is a little too challenging, let him or her know; and on the flipside, if the workout seems too easy, ask to up the intensity (or to add another spring if you’re using the reformer) else you run the risk of not getting a good workout at all.

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