Ride Revolution

Ride Rev’s standard class is 50 minutes long and promises a good, sweaty, full-body workout. The coaches structure their own classes with a mix of sprints, choreography, and an arms segment with dumbbells. The Joy Ride allows you to bring one friend to the ride for free. For those looking for a bit more of a challenge, Rev Up packs an extra 15 minutes in the class. If you still want to take it up a notch, watch out for Full Throttle and The 100 Ride, which they offered for a limited time in early 2017. They also have a set of themed rides weekly.

There are currently three branches. The first one is in Steps Dance Studio (3F) along Kalayaan Ave. If you don’t have a car but work in Makati, it’s a 15-minute walk from the Rockwell Business Center, or a 20-30 minute walk from Salcedo. The second branch is on the ground floor of Shangri-la Mall in Ortigas (enter via the East Wing). Their newest branch is in Greenbelt 5 (4F near Kimpura)

Cleated shoes are provided, as are face and bath towels, but feel free to bring your own. There are shower rooms (the Shang studio lounge is our favorite) with toiletries, and number-coded lockers for your bags. Just make sure you don’t forget your socks!

The first timer’s package costs P1,100 for 3 classes. Regular rates are P1,100 for one class, P5,000 for five classes, P9,500 for 10 classes, P17,000 for 20 classes, and P22,500 for 30 classes.



The music, the neon and black lights, the pumped-up atmosphere -- Ride Rev has everything you would want in a club in the sweaty confines of their studios. For those who are looking for funkier choreography on the bike, this is the studio for you. I find that their branches are also the most conveniently located, particularly the Shangri-la branch and their newest one in Greenbelt 5. 

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