Saddle Row

Saddle Row is the only studio to offer both indoor cycling and indoor rowing classes. It has three types indoor cycling classes: the Underground which has more choreography, the Resistance which is their signature cycling class where resistance bands are also used (in place of weights) for toning, and the Exchange which is a class tailored for athletes and those looking to improve their metrics when cycling. There are also three types of rowing classes: the Finesse is the basic rowing class which helps familiarize students with the rowing techniques and can be more like a Crew or Circuit class depending on the instructor, the Crew which is almost pure rowing, and Circuit in which various other exercises are incorporated in a circuit with the rowing sets. There are occasionally themed rides for both spinning and rowing classes, too.

Saddle Row currently shares a space with Beyond Yoga on the second floor of Serendra. The cycling studio is on the side of Serendra near High Street, while the boathouse is on the other end close to Market Market. Watch out for a second branch popping up soon in Rockwell Powerplant Mall.

For the spinning classes, cleated shoes are provided, but come in training shoes for the rowing classes. Also be sure to bring your own towels, water bottles, and toiletries.

The first timer’s package is P1,500 for three classes. Regular rates are P850 for one class, P4,000 for five classes, P7,500 for 10 classes, P14,000 for 20 classes,. Their monthly flash sale lets you snag 15 classes for P6,000 (only valid for that calendar month).



The classes are super fun. Their instructors for both rowing and cycling are very energetic. They will definitely hype you up and work your entire body whether you take cycling or rowing. The rowing classes are very interesting for me. I enjoyed the finesse class, but I’m looking forward to trying other classes. I’ll let you know how those go!


SR was the first of the indoor cycling places I tried, and I can say it was here that I became much more mindful of my speed and resistance on the bike, especially when sprinting. The Exchange is an interesting format as it focuses purely on your metrics, which I think complements your regular (i.e. choreography-filled) spinning sessions pretty well. The rowing classes, I would always come back for! The rower is a bit deceiving the first time around, because I actually find it pretty relaxing to row at an easy pace, but going 100% can burn you out as much as or even more than a cycling class would in just a few minutes. (PLUG: Spot me out the sched for both spin and row!)


Cycling classes at Saddle Row are full body workouts that mostly target your core, arms, and legs while making you gasp for air. The coaches there will guide you, motivate you, and will engage you to push yourself beyond your limits. What I love about their indoor cycling class is that their coaches will encourage you to let go of your other thoughts and focus on what you’re doing at the time, so all you need to do is listen to their voice and let them guide you throughout your workout and feel good afterwards. 

We want to know what you think! If you've been to Saddle Row, leave a comment below and tell everyone about your experience.