The goal of Yoga+ is to "inspire you to become a happy, healthy, and better human", and they offer a good mix of yoga and meditation classes to help you achieve this. The chain has one of the most comprehensive list of classes, and each studio has two rooms (one heated room and one non-heated room). Regular classes offered are Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Yin, Fundamentals, and Jivamukti. There are also schedules for guided meditation, and workshops are offered occasionally.

Yoga+ has 3 branches. You can find them in BGC at The Fort Legend Tower (11F), Ortigas at The Podium (4F), and Makati at Cambridge Centre (3F). 

The studio provides yoga mats, yoga towels, lockers (however, you will need to bring your own padlock) and a water dispenser to refill your water bottle. If you don’t have your own, they sell beverages in the studio as well. They also have showers with body wash and shampoo and changing rooms.

The drop-in rate is P599 for any weekday class before 6:00pm, and P799 for weeknight and weekend classes. The first timer's package costs P1,499 for two weeks of unlimited classes and/or P3,399 for one month unlimited (you can purchase both once). Regular rates are P5,990 for 10 classes and P19,950 for 50 classes. Monthly unlimited packages are also available, as well as slightly cheaper package for daytime-only classes. If you're looking for more affordable classes, their sister studio Yoga+ Express offers a limited range of classes for a lower price.



If I want to take my yoga practice to the next level, I can always count on Yoga+. I remember taking my first yoga+ hot class and getting internally shocked that majority of my classmates could do the forearm balance. I honestly felt like a beginner all over again! While it could be intimidating, it could also be inspiring (yaas positive!) and humbling to trust the process, which is different for each one. Don’t get me wrong, they have beginner-friendly classes too like Fundamentals. Whether routine or free flow, normal or hot, slow-paced or intense, there sure is a class that fits your needs.


The practice room was spacious and and I love how the windows light the room and mirrors around the room for you to check your posture while practicing. The staff are nice and accommodating and their instructor was friendly as well. I go to their early morning classes, the class was not as packed as I expected. Their instructors are quite varied but very flexible. They’re very nice too! The instructors would help you adjust to the poses if they see you having a hard time and give you enough variations to choose from. They offer a series of classes that would cater to your personal practice.


Yoga+ has some of the biggest rooms for practice (which can be good or bad, depending on what you're looking for). I like that in any class you take, teachers here are always able to provide options for practitioners of any level. The amenities are great, and the yoga mats and towels that you can use at the studio if you don't have your own always look and smell fresh, which is always a plus for me. Don't be afraid to let the instructor know if it's your first time or if you're just getting back on track with your practice -- that'll help them keep an eye on you especially since the prime-time classes can get packed.

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